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Flowmon Probe - Features & Benefits

Deal with 95% of network related issues with flow analysis & L7 monitoring.

Key Features & Benefits 

Reduction of Information Noise
Flowmon Probe collects network data and pre-filters it for relevant information, allowing for clearer analysis and visualization while also saving capacity and reducing investigation time.
Deployable Anywhere
No matter what type of network, a Flowmon Probe can be deployed anywhere without any impact on network traffic from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps. As a virtual appliance, it can be deployed in virtual environments such as VMware, Hyper-V or OpenStack KVM or as a cloud application in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
The Probe connects passively through a SPAN port or network TAP and therefore represents no potential point of failure or hindrance. It is transparent from the L2/L3 perspective. In addition, the Probe supports remote monitoring sessions via GRE, ERSPAN or VxLAN.
Statistics from All Network Layers
Probes natively collect L2–L4 information on communication IPs, protocols, server response time, round trip time, jitter, and more. Flowmon's IPFIX extension provides additional L7 data, such as hostnames, URLs, browser information for HTTP/S protocols and other fields for protocols such as DNS, DHCP, SQL, SMTP, or Samba/CIFS.
A single Flowmon Probe can provide everything needed to monitor a smaller network, or combine with a Collector to cover the most complex, large distributed networks.

Probe Features 

The Key to Network Traffic Monitoring

Flowmon Probe exports network and application telemetry in the form of flow data based on raw packets and provides traffic statistics and metadata on all network layers.


Standard NetFlow fields such as IP, port or protocol as well as advanced proprietary measurements such as Network Performance Monitoring Metrics, VxLAN visibility useful in remote monitoring e.g. in the cloud (in addition to L2 options such as GRE or ERSPAN), or ASN analysis.


Probes decapsulate traffic to truly monitor the actual user-application conversation rather than the tunnel itself. This is available for all major protocols including GRE and OTV. This level of visibility is applicable even in MPLS networks to see per-tenant traffic as well as in VLAN segmented network.


Provides a deeper understanding of application functionality for most common protocols ranging from HTTP, working even with HTTPS, SQL, DNS/DHCP, VoIP, Samba, email, etc.




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