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Kemp Virtual LoadMaster - KEMP VLM-MAX

Virtual Load Master VLM-MAX

The Virtual LoadMaster MAX is our most powerful virtual load balancer delivering uncapped throughput and SSL transactions per second. Performance is dependent on allocated system resources on the host platform.



  • Supported on VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, KVM and Oracle VirtualBox
  • Server Load Balancing for TCP/UDP based protocols
  • SSL Termination/Offload
  • Layer 7 Content Switching
  • Server and Application Health Checking
  • Advanced, App-Transparent Caching Engine for HTTP/HTTPS protocols
  • Optimized Compression for Static and Dynamic HTTP/HTTPS Content
  • Layer 7 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), SNORT-Rule (HTTP) Compatible
  • Up to 1,000 Virtual IPs (VIP) and 1,000 Real IPs (RIP)
  • NAT-based forwarding
  • Support for Direct Server Return (DSR) configurations
  • Remote Desktop Services integration with built-in RD Session Reconnection functionality
  • Configurable S-NAT support
  • Web User Interface (WUI) for easy administration & configuration
  • Supports cloning and relocating with native Virtualization Framework management tools
  • Single Sign-On and Pre-Authentication
  • GSLB Add-On Support
  • KEMP Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP) Engine


  • Max 5000 Mbps Throughput
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second (TPS): 10,000


  • Server Load Balancing (SLB) for TCP/UDP based protocols
  • TLS (SSL) Offload
  • Layer 7 Content Switching
  • Advanced application transparent caching for HTTP/HTTPS
  • Optimized compression of static and dynamic HTTP/HTTPS Content
  • SNORT-rule compatible Layer 7 intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • IPv6 support for addressing and features
  • IPv6 - IPv4 bidirectional conversion
  • NAT-based forwarding
  • Support for Direct Server Return (DSR) configurations
  • Session reconnection for Microsoft remote desktop services (RDS)
  • Configurable S-NAT support
  • HTTP/2 layer 7 proxy

Edge Security Pack

  • Microsoft TMG replacement
  • Pre-Authentication & SSO
  • Multi-Domain authentication
  • X.509 client certificate authentication
  • Custom login forms
  • Two factor authentication

Health Checking and High Availability

  • ICMP health checking
  • Layer 7 checking against server port
  • Active/Hot Standby option
  • Stateful Failover


  • Flexible administration Options
    • Web User Interface (WUI)
    • SSH
    • Console
    • RESTful, JAVA and PowerShell APIs
    • VMware vRealize Orchestrator
    • Microsoft System Center VMM
  • Wizards for simplified deployment
  • Context based help (WUI)
  • Real time status/performance display
  • Application templates
  • Comprehensive logging and reporting
  • SNMP support
  • Configuration Change Auditing

Scheduling and Balancing Methods

  • SDN Adaptive
  • Round Robin
  • Weighted Round Robin
  • Least Connection
  • Weighted Least Connection
  • Agent-based Adaptive
  • Chained Failover (Fixed Weighting)
  • Source-IP Hash
  • Layer 7 Content Switching
  • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
  • AD Group based traffic steering

Session Persistence

  • Source IP (L4)
  • TLS (SSL) SessionID (L4)
  • HTTP/HTTPS Browser-session (L7)
  • HTTP/HTTPS WebClient-session (L7)
  • RDP Login ID (L7)
  • Port Following for mixed HTTP/HTTPS sessions


  • SNORT-Rule Compatible L 7 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Permit /Deny Access Control Lists
  • IP address filtering
  • DDoS mitigation, including L7 rate based attacks
  • IPSec VPN to Azure, AWS and vCloud Air public clouds
  • Authenticated NTP

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Technical Specifications

  • Supports Up to 1,000 Virtual IPs (VIP) and 1,000 Real IPs (RIP)
  • Uncapped Throughput
  • Uncapped SSL Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  • Performance dependent on allocated system resources




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