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PortaBella - Benefits


Bonded WAN Speed

Portabella is a packet-level load balancing 3G 4G LTE 5G router. Portabella can bond cellular Internet access lines for all types of traffic (including encrypted traffic such as VPN) for aggregated downlink and uplink capacity when peered over the Internet with a Mushroom Relay located at the headquarter office or data center. The optional Broadband Bonding Service subscription enables downlink/uplink bonding.

Without peering, all HTTP downlink sessions are still bonded for faster file transfers. Even in cases of single HTTP session (such as a single file download), all Internet access lines are simultaneously and intelligently combined together to provide a faster data transfer for that single session.

Without the optional peering, non-HTTP downlink sessions and all uplink sessions initiated from the Local Network, will be session based load balanced intelligently across the 3G 4G LTE or 5G WAN lines. The application and cookie semantics will be preserved for sites such as banking sites.

Live Video Streaming

Portabella support a free add-on tunnel (Streamer) that is optimized for live video streaming from the field to any CDN or video server over the bonded 3G, 4G, LTE 5G modems. This video optimized bonding tunnel enables live video streaming applications to be 100% shielded from any network problems such as packet loss, latency, jitter or even full modem disconnects. Even during those situations, your live video stream will continue without a glitch.

Network Security & Scalability

Portabella can be configured either in pass-through to function inline with the existing legacy firewalls/routers with existing network configuration untouched. If preferred, Portabella can also be installed as the primary firewall/router with strong encryption (up to AES 256), website blocking, DNS redirection and advanced filtering, all based on field-proven secure platform.

Elastic Static IP

Static IP addresses in the cloud (or from your data-center) can be mapped onto the Portabella. This means that static IP is available for services that rely on stable IP addressing (such as VPN, VoIP/SIP etc.) and inbound network access is available, even during 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G outages, as long as at least one of the WAN links is connected.

Ruggedized Design

Various Portabella models support embedded modems with high temperature and vibration tolerances, including train certifications. Other Portabella models support external usb-based modem ports for additional flexibility.?

Zero-Touch Install & Management

Portabellas are preconfigured before shipment and therefore supports zero-touch installation when received. Any additional configuration or monitoring can be done through the web-based management interface either locally or remotely, as well as through a cloud based Monitoring Portal that provides in depth monitoring capabilities. All wireless ISPs are supported worldwide.





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