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Flowmon Packet Investigator - Comparison

Automated PCAP Investigation

Packet analysis is irreplaceable in situations when network telemetry data does not provide a sufficient level of detail and it is, therefore, necessary to look inside the content of the communication. Where tools like Wireshark only capture network traffic but require expert knowledge to interpret the events, the Packet Investigator takes things a step further and analyzes the packets automatically.

Its PCAP analysis engine understands network protocols, their dependencies, RFC specifications, and errors. Thanks to that, the administrator is provided with a clear understanding and suggestions for a remedy.

Investigator dramatically cuts MTTR in cases such as:

Image result for tick blueNetwork connectivity-related issues (communication blocked by the firewall, destination unreachable, TCP errors, etc.)
Image result for tick blueMalfunction or misconfiguration of critical network services (ARP, DNS, DHCP)
Image result for tick blueClient/server encryption incompatibility (SSL/TLS version, encryption algorithms, certificates, etc.)
Image result for tick blueApplication protocol stack issues (HTTP, SAMBA, FTP, IMAP, POP, etc.)

Packet Investigator vs. Wireshark

  Packet Investigator Wireshark
Required skill set Operator, Junior admin, L1 engineer Analyst, Senior admin, L2/L3 engineer
Primary use case Automated root cause analysis Manual troubleshooting, forensic analysis
Packet capture Monitoring appliances, 1G/10G/40G/100G Diagnostic laptops, hosts, usually 1G
Capture control Central control and scheduling Manual on individual locations
Automation Triggered capture & REST API None or homegrown scripts




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