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PRTG Network Monitoring Software - System Requirements

Recommended Setup for Most PRTG Users

We recommend that you run the PRTG core server as well as all remote probes. 

  • directly on x64 PC/server hardware (not older than 2 years)
  • on Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, or Windows 10.
?Note: .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later must be installed on your system.

There are many parameters that influence the performance and stability of PRTG, but for the vast majority of PRTG users the following sizing recommendations for the hardware of the PRTG server work fine:


per Core Server
Licenses User Accounts Remote Probes Recommended 
Core Server Hardware
Disk Space 
(1 year data retention)
Virtualization PRTG

< 1,000 sensors 
(ca. 100 devices)
PRTG 1000 < 30 < 30 2 Cores, 3 GB RAM 250 GB OK OK

< 2,500 sensors 
(ca. 250 devices)
PRTG 2500 < 30 < 30 3 Cores, 5 GB RAM 500 GB OK OK

< 5,000 sensors 
(ca. 500 devices)
PRTG 5000 < 20 < 30 5 Cores, 8 GB RAM 1 TB OK not recommended

< 10,000 sensors 
(ca. 1,000 devices)
PRTG XL1 < 10 < 30 8 Cores, 16 GB RAM 2 TB OK* not supported

More than 10,000 sensors
PRTG Enterprise
We recommend that you set up additional PRTG core server installations and contact us.

OK = OK 
OK = OK 
* For more information, see Running PRTG in virtual environments below.

not recommended = not recommended 

not supported = not supported

Note: Most PRTG users have 10 sensors per device on average. So, for example, a 1,000 sensors license is enough to monitor 100 devices in most cases.

Running PRTG in virtual environments

PRTG is an all-in-one monitoring solution with lots of different components that all rely on the performance and the stability of the system on which the PRTG installation runs. Here, virtual environments add even more layers of complexity. This needs to be considered when you want to set up your PRTG installation in a way that you can achieve the same level of performance as on a physical server.

Most PRTG installations from 500 to 5,000 sensors do not need any specific optimization regarding your virtual infrastructure.

If you run larger installations of PRTG with more than 5,000 sensors, please follow the instructions in our Best Practice Guide: Running large installations of PRTG in a virtual environment.




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